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An Aries person's quick wit and confidence can have advantages that can be highlighted and appropriately directed in these day by day Astrology insights.

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They can act as cyclic reminders of our character and our usual behaviors and thoughts. A daily horoscope for Aries will concentrate on their assertive and straightforward viewpoint. It will focus on astrological circumstantial likelihoods while taking into account the persona attributes.

So it can convey semi personalized informative generalized messages of advice to everyone. Aries is often regarded as a thrill seeker and can sometimes be selfish due to their impulsiveness. These less positive traits can be warned against in an Aries daily horoscope. So if an Aries is anticipated to face an important decision on certain day his or her daily horoscope will foretell it. It could additionally then warn them not to be too hasty in making it.

A today horoscope can be searched for on any day of the year and there is everything available from a brief analysis to much more detailed readings. When it is your actual birth date you can more often than not expect that something memorable or extra nice may happen. From the many sources of a daily horoscope for Aries on your yearly birthday you can usually see before the day begins how it could turn out.

By following your today horoscope habitually you are able to see circumstances and phases unfold before your birthday. As a gift most people are happy and surprised to receive an uniquely personal birth chart to summarize their personalities. The interest in Astrology has escalated in recent years as people realize it's benefits. Many individuals both male and female and from all ages groups benefit from the light hearted counseling of a today horoscope.

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Even if you do not follow them frequently the daily horoscope can offer a sort of unbiased assistance in life at any time. They are easily accessible and have the possibility to help you make sense of things that are happening. This can be in the past, present or future. For an Aries with their forward looking and thinking spirit the Aries daily horoscope is a wonderful inspiring friend.

It can assist them to steer their enthusiasm in the right directions and get to know themselves much better. Aries Daily Horoscope for Today. On this day in History 9 October. Horoscopes for Aries. Comments: Aries Daily Horoscope. Aiz Egana It's true!!! Marcosa G Quieta Yes! It's true coz I'm attending a newly Wed, and visit also a friendship.. Thank Lord for guiding me always.. Gabriel Folashade wow! I really feel as if weekend starts today. Annalisa OMG!!!! Blue Bluee Do still love me do he still care about me.

Covering in camera hearings is contempt in a criminal trial because of the above test. These are two different types of contempt. The third is contempt when you attack the judiciary in a way that brings the judiciary into disrepute. The third type gets the heaviest sentences because it is an attack on the judiciary as an institution. The first two usually get wrist slapping.

Flight time from Lahore to Suva

The Sun, the Post and even the FT have been guilty of the first two and got wrist slapping. Parmanandan went to jail for 6 months. Mr Charters you seem to always look down on locals. I know you would be much happier if those Australians still owned and were running the Fiji Times like when you worked there. I also think you will always try to attack the Government no matter how much good they do.

I read the Fiji Sun very day instead of the Fiji Times because it provides much more news than the Fiji Times now and is a much better paper. Many of my friends and people I work with feel the same way. If anyone has any complaint about anything the Fiji Sun has reported they are invited to contact him straight away.

I am sure the mistake in the court report you seem to be trying to make such a big issue about would have been corrected straight away. I think it seems to be very different to the contempt of court case and scandalising the court.


The Fiji Times did not apologise, correct or anything. It was reported that they denied the charge all the time and then they even repeated the offence. It was also their second contempt of this type in a row. But I checked the Fiji Times website and their report does not mention any of this part of what the judge said.

Mr Charters the Fiji Sun today had on its front page the story of the people of Beqa asking the Prime Minister to stay on because of all the development that is happening. The other day the people in Naitasiri also said the same thing. This seems to be happening a lot.

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What do you say about that Mr Charters? Fijian at Heart. Perhaps you can provide me with some evidence of this …. I have said positive things about this government in the past most recently about how they whipped the country into a state of preparedness for the cyclone and the way in which Lautoka was cleaned up immediately afterwards and looked great for the Uprising 7s. There are many things an army and military mentality does very well.

You are happy with the Fiji Sun — good for you. But I put my name to my comments because I believe in what I say. That has given you the opportunity to attack me, my family and my time working for the Fiji Rugby Union, which you have done. What you have not done is debate the points raised. These include: for all the focus the government has placed on trying to raise standards in the media industry, there is a very strong suggestion that two standards are being applied.

Why this distortion? On the subject of the Fiji Times, yes, the newspaper screwed up. Has done in the past, will do in the future if it survives this — Mahendra Patel may well be rich but he did not get rich through newspapers or the media. This is a nice-to-have part of this empire not a have-to-have. That is true of all newspapers and media because of the environment in which they work. From my own personal experience I believe the Fiji Sun remains a deeply ethically challenged newspaper because the person who caused the newspaper to be banned by the Fiji Rugby Union still works there.

That person used and abused editorial coverage to enrich themselves and the company in which he was a shareholder. The documents to show this should still be available at the Registrars for anyone who cares to check. And if you would like further evidence please contact the former CEO of the FRU who was deeply involved and completely outraged to discover this. But having been on the wrong end of their prejudicial coverage before, you have to respect my right not to take their cheerleading of this government as seriously as you do.

Fijian at Heart … as if to prove my point about how fallible news organisations are, this appeared on the FBC website. Yes, Charlie, mistakes in the Fiji media are chronic.

My problem with your argument is that you have equated contempt or scandalising the judiciary with a routine editorial error. It is not. Maintaining public confidence in the judiciary is essential in any country. Undermining that is a serious offence and not just in Fiji. The essence of your argument is that the Fiji Times can be somehow excused because every other media outlet in Fiji makes mistakes.

That is nonsense. The judge found that even if it was a mistake, it was a mistake that was inexcusable because instituting protocols to prevent further lapses were a condition of the verdict. You have every right to defend the Fiji Times and argue that it is being unnecessarily pilloried, even victimised. We all know that the judiciary is independent. We know that the Fiji Sun is the better paper and we know that pigs walk on their hind legs.

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So close the FT and enjoy the journalism of hope the Sun is giving us so generously. We all kno that the Fiji Times has been the paragon of excellent journalism in Fiji. It has been totally ethical, fair and unbiased. None of its editors ever had any personal vendettas or political agendas; no, it all a figament of our imaginations, we who have been reading the paper for decades.

All the research showing consistent and various ethical and legal breaches commited by the Fiji Times is all rubbish. The paper was never part of the colonial establishment that published virulently racist views and comments. Hell, no! Cpuld it be the arrogance and utter disregard of some its past editors caught up with it. No way, the paper has an impeccible record!!