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India Today Web Desk: New Delhi; February 5, ; UPDATED: LEO. You handle difficult people and transactions with tact. Health.
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Business associates are almost certain to want to hold further meetings, but you no longer see any reason why you have to pander to their ridiculous whims. Partners and close colleagues may be at a loss to understand just what on earth you are up to, such is the speed at which your ideas and plans are changing.

Daily Horoscope February 5, for 12 Zodiac Signs

Be patient with them if they occasionally stoop to being irritating and argumentative. Turn your attention to health questions, both diet and exercise. Seen in terms of strict, traditional astrology, your current situation is straightforward, yet I can discern psychological conflicts which may be responsible for piling on the pressure. Postpone decisions for another two weeks if you wish.

Surprisingly, though, the most important factor now may be your social life. However, female relations may try your patience at home this morning. I cannot emphasise too highly that the current planetary aspects are remarkable for all those of you who are now vigorously pursuing professional or related ambitions.

Leo's Lucky Numbers

A very big opportunity indeed is about to drop into your lap. But, and this is a very big but indeed, you must allow a current muddle to clear. Venus is still in a special relationship to Jupiter, a fact which has magnificent significance for your entire state of being, let alone your emotional life and romantic aspirations. The Moon is still offering you a helping hand, guiding you through your personal affairs.

Move ahead, Leo, but move with caution. These could be business associations, close friendships, or new romantic partners.

Leo Weekly Horoscope Feb 5 - 11, 2018

Relax and be yourself. They probably already like you.

Daily Horoscopes/Astro Highlights for each Sign:

Libra September October 22 Today your sensitivity joins forces with practicality. Intuitive insights could come to you today, and you might express your new ideas to others, Libra. Your unconscious mind is on a far more practical track than you may assume. Make use of this ability while you can because it might not be so clear tomorrow.

Scorpio October November 21 Today shows the promise of being a very busy yet fulfilling day, Scorpio. Enterprises involving corporations, churches, or other groups in your community are likely to benefit from your participation. You combine intuition with practicality in everything you do.

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Sagittarius November December 21 Your financial success over the past several weeks may seem too good to be true, Sagittarius. It might make yet another leap forward. This should make you happy. It also could bring up your insecurity over whether or not this cycle will continue.

Your November 12222 Monthly Horoscope

It probably will for a while. It might be a good idea to save or invest you money, just so you can feel more secure in the future. Today you could accomplish yet another goal, adding to your feeling of accomplishment. You might plan a vacation or perhaps return to college.

Your daily horoscope: February 5

Instead, you want to continue expanding. This is a very positive development. Aquarius January February 18 Today you might have insights as to how to advance your career. These could come your way through dreams, sudden revelations, or perhaps visions. Some of the most progressive and successful ideas have come because the inventor had a vivid dream.

Write down your insights and go for it. Pisces February March 20 All your relationships should be especially warm and supportive now, Pisces.

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This is a great day to form a business, personal, or romantic partnership. Business partnerships made now should be successful, while committed romantic bonds entered into today could well last for a long time.

Be open, honest, and unafraid to speak your mind. You might find that others share your thoughts. Tuesday, November 12, Sign in. Forgot your password?

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