Venus february 22 2020 astrology

Feb 3, PM, Venus enters Capricorn, Venus Capricorn. Feb 4, PM From December 22nd at pm (EST) to January 12th, at am (EST).
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There will be no Venus-Jupiter conjunction in The interval between successive Venus-Jupiter conjunctions can be a little as 10 months or as long as 15 months.

The mean interval is 13 months. Most of the time, there is one and only one Venus-Jupiter conjunction in one calendar year though it is possible to have none.

What should you expect during Venus retrograde?

The year stands as an exception because two Venus-Jupiter conjunctions happen in one year. These two different conjunctions occur 10 months apart, allowing for a Venus-Jupiter conjunction on January 22, , and then again on November 24, It appears that similar Venus-Jupiter conjunctions recur in periods of about 24 years plus 1 week, whereby Venus and Jupiter return to nearly the same place relative to the sun, the stars of the zodiac, and the horizon.

Jupiter Enters Sagittarius November 4

Hence, similar Venus-Jupiter conjunctions occurred 24 years ago January 14 and November 19, and will again take place 24 years from now January 29 and November 29, :. Roughly midway between these twofold Venus-Jupiter conjunction years , and , we find two Venus-Jupiter conjunctions in — and then 24 years later, two Venus-Jupiter conjunctions in The elongation angular separation of the Venus-Jupiter conjunction from the sun was 46 degrees west of the sun on January 22, , and 26 degrees east of the sun on November 24, The elongations are more or less similar within a few degrees throughout the series: , and Interestingly, the elongations are similar — yet reversed — in these in-between years of and Want more details?

Get all the information from the big astrology database of astrosofa. For family life it is preparing promising development and aspects. Prevailing emotional aspects are dominating — modification and adaptability. Out of the blue your heart is joyful - family life and family aspects are significant with the tendency to avoid disputes.

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Your actions are predominant emotional and passionate at the moment. Inhibitions and tension might appear concerning love matters. Some family problems could occur.

A deficiency of this energy causes increased susceptibility to disease and other ailments — in particular towards gynaecological diseases. Attractiveness and compassion are the most significant attributes during this period: you give assistance and affection.

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Sensuality and voluptuous desire could cause some pain. On the other hand you feel enthusiastic, lyrical and wistful. Your charisma fills the air. Creativity and gushy enthusiasm could be revealed but it brings on discoveries, talents and perhaps new solutions. Persons seem to be receptive and friendly — caused by the influence of Venus and Uranus.

Venus in Sagittarius November 12222 ~ Intimate Exploration

Senses are excited and you could run the risk to be ensnared in conflicts. Contacts are made: friendship and connections are becoming bridges…It represents creativity and advanced knowledge. In March, a special transit will occur for this zodiac sign because the planet of luck and change will send its beneficial rays upon the most important sector of your life: house and family. The year comes with plenty of news for Cancer and Sagittarius, who will manage to get closer to their families, and who will finally find someone to count on.

Why Venus Retrograde Might Screw With Your Zodiac Sign's Relationships

In , the single Scorpios will be lucky in love, and they will meet people with whom they will further establish close love relationships. Love is going to be the main interest of Aquarius in , and the sentimental relationships will be extremely harmonious.

Horoscope February 22 2019 Venus Conjunct Pluto

You will feel a stronger emotional connection with your life partner between August and October. The stable couples will think of making a baby, and a decision in this respect will follow in April.